Applications Closed. Let The Judging Begin


Registration ended Tuesday at 23:59:59 GMT, having been extended for 48 hours to compensate for some minor technical problems (translation someone screwed up…). Such is life…

The important thing is that 122 applications were received and 5000 people registered online in the process. That’s over half of the applications from last year (1 edition) and we anticipate more or less the same number of applications when we launch Porto in September.

SendGrid made it damn easy to get our emails out to you and FreshDesk turned the whole support process into a tightly integrated experience which allowed us to respond quickly and efficiently to all the queries.

At first glance, the quality of applications was much higher this year, which probably reflects the maturing of an ecosystem that now has several different options for people who are serious about creating real products and/or services in the different verticals.

We will now hand over the applications to the judges and will publish the results online on the 26th of May @ 15:00 – that’s if there are no more “technical problems”.

Stay tuned, thank you to all those that registered and good luck.

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