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Vodafone BIG Apps Lisboa

Vodafone BIG Apps Lisboa  is back and applications are now open. Last year, Lisbon BIG Apps registered 206 applications from 10 countries and over 1000 registered users in the period of one month. At the end of the competition, we had over 3,000 registered users.

Following on from last year’s experience, we fine tuned a few of the processes and beefed up the prizes. Even though money is always important, we wanted to ensure that in 2014, all the startups that made it through development would have great services to help them scale, achieve growth and succeed.

As per last year, SoftLayer is involved once again with their Catalyst Program that provides state of the art hosting specialized in BIG Data as well as access to some of the best mentors.

SendGrid is one of our new partners that specializes in ensuring that your email deliverability is flawless, whether marketing and/or transactional. They will be providing all the support and technical know how. You’ll also have access to their mentors that also work with TechStars, have been responsible for millions of USD in funding and are also part of the five professionals chosen to be part of the Entrepreneurs in Residence of the United States of America committee that works alongside the Obama Administration – we are of course talking about Paul Ford.

FreshDesk has also come on board as we recognized that one of the difficulties in scaling was maintaining a support system capable of dealing with all the queries and help that users typically require. Winners will have access to a fully functional portal as well as truly great support from experts in the field.

Google will be helping us to ensure that you are up to speed with best practices in advertising and marketing and a lucky winner will be able to spend a week in London visiting their campus.

As always, Microsoft will be supporting the teams with development for the Windows Mobile platform and even though they are catching up in the mobile ecosystem, their OS is stunning and increasing in market share in several countries at an extraordinary pace. We are glad that the future will be comprised of several operating systems because choice is essential and competition will continue to fuel innovation.

Make sure you visit all the sponsors and partners that make Vodafone BIG Apps possible along with all the jury members that this year include Portuguese Investors responsible for lots of €s.

Another great surprise is that the winner will be physically hosted for up to 12 months at the brand new Vodafone Power Lab – make sure to check it out.

As far as data sets, we’ve added quite a few more this year as there will be 3 distinct winners. When filling out the application process, ensure that at the end you decide whether you are competing for the City Apps category or the Tourism App category. In the end there will be one winner from each category and one overall winner. As per last year, there is one team that will go through based on the public vote. Make sure you read all the rules as well as how it all works.

Along with the Lisbon data sets, you now also have access to several other data sets. Vodafone BIG Apps Lisboa partnered with City SDK, which is a toolkit for the development of digital services within cities, that comprises of open and interoperable digital service interfaces as well as processes, guidelines and usability standards.

It’s a pioneering project with the support of European Commission and participation of several important cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Helsinki, Istanbul, Lamia, Lisbon, Manchester and Rome.

Other City SDK API’s:

Vodafone BIG Apps also partnered with the One.Stop.Transport, which is a Platform for User-Centric Interoperable Web Applications, focusing on Transports and mobility, developed by Tice.

We’ll be giving you much more information as we move on, through our blog, as well as through our newsletter, which goes out periodically to all registered members.

Stay tuned and start your application process now. Please remember that last year, over 50 teams were not able to finalize their applications as they left it to the last minute and did not think that the application process would really close at 23:59:59. It did, and this year, it will again.

If you have any questions, recommendations, suggestions or rants, feel free to use our support platform.

Good luck and have a great week!

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