Lisbon BIG Conf

Lisbon BIG Conf | 24th June | Lisbon BIG Apps Final

The BIG day is on Monday the 24th of June and Vodafone are kindly hosting the event in their auditorium. It will be a jam-packed day with some great insights into BIG data, open government, citizenship and the impact on economies. Continue reading

George Karidis

Meet the Jury: George Karidis, Chief Strategy Officer at SoftLayer

Having completed the application process, we are now finishing off the final document to send off to the Jury. In just under a week, we’ll find out which 15 teams will go through to development. It’s no easy task given… Read the whole thing


Wake Up! Only 3 1/2 Days to Go

You know what’s going to happen, right? Registration ends on sunday. No problem. Work during the week end, worst case scenario got the whole of Sunday to do this. What could possibly go wrong? Well this has happened to other people in… Read the whole thing

Match Making Lisbon BIG Apps

Got an Idea But Can’t Code? Introducing Match Making

Internally, we had already discussed the eventuality of some people having a BIG idea yet not possessing any coding skills. Though it is common belief that one founder startups rarely work, and when that one founder is not a hacker,… Read the whole thing

LisbonBIGapps No Bullshit

Not Your Typical Everyday Press Release – Share The Love

Lisbon Launches The World’s 1st Open-data App Competition With Focus on Uber Startup Acceleration Lisbon, 12 March 2013 – warning, this is not your typical press release, apart from starting with the date and a catchy heading. The beautiful City of Lisbon… Read the whole thing

Lisbon Big Apps

Press Conference 06 March at The Padrão dos Descobrimentos

After months of planning, the day finally arrived when we proudly lifted the veil on the LisbonBIGApps competition. I say proudly because the project encompasses our true passions – Portugal, Lisbon, innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge. You couldn’t have a more… Read the whole thing