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Ephemeral geolocalized messages to engage around you like never seen before!

Ephemera brings a new synergy to your city and to your life! With Ephemera you can broadcast ephemeral geolocalized messages to everyone around you! Set your radius of action and bang! Start engaging with your neighbors, co-workers or friends. You can use Ephemera in Summer Festivals, at the beach or why not also in public transports to wish a very good day to everyone?!
And there is more, local shops, brands in festivals and shopping centers or even bars and nightclubs can use Ephemera to promote campaigns or advertise promotions reaching their target where and when it matters!

Open Day #1 at Vodafone

Following on from the Kick Off, the 20 teams set off to work on their startups and even though some are at a more advanced stage than others, one thing is for sure, the competition is wide open with every team equipped and… Read the whole thing

Vodafone BIG Apps Kick Off

The 30th of May was the very first day of the development phase where the 20 finalist teams got together to get briefed on what was to come, what was expected of them and the short roadmap to the BIG Conf on the 14th of July. Continue reading

Applications Closed. Let The Judging Begin

Registration ended Tuesday at 23:59:59 GMT, having been extended for 48 hours to compensate for some minor technical problems (translation someone screwed up…). Such is life… We will publish the results online on the 26th of May @ 15:00. Continue reading