Got an Idea But Can’t Code? Introducing Match Making

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Internally, we had already discussed the eventuality of some people having a BIG idea yet not possessing any coding skills. Though it is common belief that one founder startups rarely work, and when that one founder is not a hacker, the odds diminish even further, we wanted to ensure that no BIG idea was left out so we started working on a method that would unite hackers with those that have BIG ideas – hello match making.

However, having a great idea isn’t enough – you have to have skilled people to execute it so we were really thrilled when the team from Kings of Clubs reached out to us wanting to promote such an event.

Kings of Clubs results from a collective desire to aggregate all the entrepreneurship clubs and universities in Portugal under one single umbrella. Kings of Clubs now consists of :

  • Cedup – Clube de Empreendedorismo da Universidade do Porto
  • NES – NOVA Entrepreneurship Society – Clube de Empreendedores da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
  • Bet – Bringing Entrepreneurs Together – Universidade Católica de Lisboa
  • TEC – Clube de Empreendedores da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
  • BUSII – Clube de Empreendedores do ISCTE-IUL

The end result is a solid entrepreneurial movement that aggregates all the major projects and young entrepreneurs from the 5 largest and most influential Universities of Portugal, whilst encouraging other entrepreneurial communities that emerge, to join the movement.

It is a relatively recent development (the first club emerged only 3 years ago in Porto) yet is fully focused on uniting forces on leveraging the economy, fermenting entrepreneurship and, above all, the creation of consistent and sustainable startups.

Match Making – 27 March 2013

So if you are a developer, a geek, hacker, passionate about resolving technological challenges, but do not have that BIG idea and the skills to sell and pitch… come search for the future Steve Jobs oozing mind boggling ideas in need of a talented hacker to turn a distortion field into reality.

If you’ve got a BIG idea, a vision or you are an entrepreneur, lacking hacking skills, come meet the future Steve Wozniak who will help you become an improved version of Steve.

Enough of the past and into the future – we created the match making event in order to bring people together, with different needs yet one unique desire – to make change.


Vodafone Action Store

We are hosting this at Vodafone Portugal’s head quarters in the Parque das Nações – look for the Vodafone Action Store and ask there for directions to their multi-use area, to the right when you’ve got your back to the river. Easiest is probably using the following link for directions:

Take Me To The Match Making Boudoir  Don’t forget to register for free using Eventbrite

More information about Kings of Clubs:

As always, you can find us at and

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