Lisbon BIG Apps Exceeds All Expectations

Lisbon BIG Apps

Registration ended at 23:59:59 last night and we were wowed by the number of applications that were submitted – 206 applications from 10 countries and over 1000 registered users in the period of one month.

Even though many applications were submitted in the last hour, the system never went down and all applications were received and validated. In the run up to the deadline, an email was sent out to more than 1,000 registered users providing an email and mobile number should there be any problems with the registration process. We monitored Facebook and Twitter and responded to all queries, either online, email or my telephone up to the deadline.

Thank you to all that registered. It is never easy when so many candidates decide to register at the last minute and thanks to explanation of the following process, explained by Luis Baptista Soares, we now know why.

The Creative Process

So for all those that managed to register your idea(s), sit back and relax for a week while the judges work through all the applications. We will be delivering the good news in approximately one week’s time.

Stay tuned.

As always, you can find us at and

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