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The Power of Entertainment – Mobile Style

Entertainment will make us laugh, help us forget our worries, keep our spirits high or simply distract us for a while. Entertainment is everywhere, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that it too has gone mobile. People not only want… Read the whole thing

Match Making

Match Making in Heaven, Well Vodafone Actually

What an incredible event. When we set out to create an event whereby developers, designers and idea generators could mix and mingle, we never expected such a huge turn out, nor could we ever have expected so much interaction –… Read the whole thing

Lisbon Lovers

Why People Love Living in Lisbon

Take a look for yourself and find out why people who live in Lisbon have fallen in love with its city lights, local attractions and postcard attributes. Everything that makse this city a worthwhile place to build an app. What’s your BIG… Read the whole thing

Skillshare Lisbon BIG Apps

Today’s Tidbit: Learn Skills From Other People

We all have a certain number of skills. Perhaps we’re good at launching new projects, inspiring others, or just making other people laugh. We can be great at programming, creating well designed websites or even practicing sports. It doesn’t matter. We all… Read the whole thing

Match Making Lisbon BIG Apps

Got an Idea But Can’t Code? Introducing Match Making

Internally, we had already discussed the eventuality of some people having a BIG idea yet not possessing any coding skills. Though it is common belief that one founder startups rarely work, and when that one founder is not a hacker,… Read the whole thing

Mobility Lisbon Big Apps

Moving Around Your City: Why Urban Mobility Matters

 Everyone enjoys moving around the city, quickly and smoothly. Everyone hates getting stuck in a traffic jam. What’s the solution though? Urban mobility is critical to any citizen and any city. Getting a massive quantity of people to move around can… Read the whole thing

LisbonBIGapps Tourism

Tourism is BIG and That’s Why Developers Need to Pay Attention

City tourism is a hot topic for app developers Tourism is probably one of the only sectores in our economy that still grows irrespective of the present economic climate. It’s important for the region’s economy, and it’s important for tourists. Tourism can… Read the whole thing