Lisbon BIG Conf | 24th June | Lisbon BIG Apps Final

Lisbon BIG Conf

It seems like only last week that we first reached out to our wider community and presented the Lisbon BIG Apps. Our sole purpose was always to provide the tools and inspiration to those that had BIG ideas and the motivation to stick their necks out and commit to a relatively demanding program.

Here we are, one day before the app-a-thon, an intensive 2 days of final preparation for the 15 finalists, and we are really excited at the level of passion and professionalism that the different teams have exhibited, determined to present to you their very best app.

The BIG day is on Monday the 24th of June and Vodafone are kindly hosting the event in their auditorium. It will be a jam-packed day with some great insights into BIG data, open government, citizenship and the impact on economies.

In the afternoon, you will be able to hear, first hand, the final pitches. After a short deliberation, the jury will announce the final 3 winners of the Lisbon BIG Apps.

You are invited to attend, free of charge, thanks to our kind sponsors Vodafone Portugal and Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, who along with all our other partners, have made this possible. Be sure to register, as space is limited. You’ll even get a chance to mingle with some of the most influential players in the startup scene.

Make sure you register here.

See you Monday!


09:00 Check In

09:30 Welcome from Vodafone: a warm welcome from Vodafone, main sponsor of the Lisbon BIG Apps and BIG Conf

09:45 Lisbon BIG Apps: Miguel Muñoz Duarte outlines the Lisbon BIG Apps competition and key learnings

10:00 Open-Government BIG Data: information as a strategic asset, and how governments are protecting, leveraging, and analyzing both structured and unstructured information to better serve and meet the public’s expectations.

11:00 Coffee Break: coffee, muffins, networking

11:30 Citizenship BIG Data: data for the public good – how citizens are getting involved and reaping the benefits of this change as the cost of computing power decreases while the performance we get from these systems increases.

12:30 Economy BIG Data: data scientists have emerged as wizards in this era of Big Data, crunching, analyzing and visualizing data, whilst strategically advocating best practices in the use of this information to make key decisions.

13:30 Lunch is on us!

14:30 Re-opening: CML: our other main sponsor, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, will share their perspective on BIG data. How they are leveraging the power of information and looking ahead, what still needs to be done.

14:45 Lisbon BIG Apps Final: This is it. The result of all their hard work. Sit back and listen to the 15 teams as they pitch their vision of BIG data, Lisbon and a better future with the aid of technology – their apps.

17:15 Coffee Break: more coffee, more muffins, more networking

18:00 Lisbon BIG apps awards: the verdict is out. Who’s in, who’s out.

18:30 Wrap-up & Closing: a very special thanks to all that attend, the winners, the finalists, the applicants and the partners, without whom no one of this would be possible. We’ll be back!

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