Moving Around Your City: Why Urban Mobility Matters

Mobility Lisbon Big Apps Everyone enjoys moving around the city, quickly and smoothly. Everyone hates getting stuck in a traffic jam. What’s the solution though?

Urban mobility is critical to any citizen and any city. Getting a massive quantity of people to move around can be extremely challenging. Lisbon city has over 540 thousand inhabitants, yet everyday 420 thousand enter the city to work or study. How can you manage such oscillations?

Our ability to easily move around, avoid traffic, find appropriate transportation or park our car, can definitely improve our quality of life.

Given that city inhabitants frequently use mobile devices, how can mobile apps improve their urban mobility?

Here are a couple examples that might strike a cord, or give you new insights:

Best parking
Find the best place to park

BestParking is a parking search engine that steers drivers toward the cheapest and parking garages and lots in 64 cities & 80 airports throughout North America.

Cycle Atlanta
Satisfied cyclists and cities

Atlanta city launched an app for recording bicycle trips. The app uses the phone’s GPS to record routes in real-time, allowing the city to know which routes the cyclists prefer. The app also allows users to report problems along their route such as obstructed bike lanes, potholes, etc. The information is sent to the city council in order to improve the bicycle infrastructure.

IZI Carris
How much time for the next bus

This portuguese app allows users to choose their bus stop – anywhere in Lisbon – and then to know how long until the next bus arrives. This way, you can manage your time better instead of staring at the traffic, waiting for the bus to arrive.

Call a taxi effortlessly

Another portuguese app that’s being used in several national cities. The app enables users to call a taxi for free, pointing their location and sending a request to the nearest taxi.

All these apps help citizens improve their city experience, by facilitating their transportation. The possibilities are endless, though, as there are still great opportunities to improve the city mobility experience:

What if there was an EMEL app? An app to pay the parking meter, and get notified when your time is running out?

What if there was an app that optimized transportation? An app that pointed out the best transport combination for moving from one place to another?

And what if there was a traffic app?  An app that could indicate real time traffic, and suggest alternative routes?

How can you incorporate the data sets with crowdsourced information?

All this would improve our urban mobility. All this would be… BIG. Register your idea and get ready to change the way we move around the city,

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