NYC 311 – Inspiration to Create City-Apps


New York City, or as geeks now like to refer to as the BIG APP-le, has always been at the forefront of open data and transparency when it comes to ensuring a better experience for those that live, work and visit this incredible city.

If you are wondering what type of app to build, be sure to check out

There are so many possibilities for applications that it makes you wonder why so few are actually being built in Lisboa. If you are a tourist and don’t want to miss out on the football matches being played in the different competitions around the world, where are the bars that have live games on screens that cater to your needs?

NYCGO helps you plan your trip to New York. Whether you are looking for specific types of food for your next meal, a public clean restroom that is open, or simply want to learn a bit of the local culture without carrying the standard guide, there is an app for that.

Whilst you get around the city, CabSense NYC analyzes data from the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission and other sources to help users find the best nearby street corners to hail a taxi based on the day of the week, the time and their location.

If you choose to go by rail or subway, find out where your train is and when it will arrive with Embark NYC Subway (there’s also an Embark Metro-North). This app, which works without a cell phone signal, works as a trip planner that sends schedule updates based on service changes and advisories.

If you are one of those people that like to get on the exact carriage that stops in front of the exit, well you guessed it, there’s an app for that too, aptly named Exit Strategy.

So whether by train, subway, bus, HopStop, bike, taxi or even Uber, they’ve got that covered. Attractions such as parks, museums, places for kids, restaurants, accommodation, all are covered by other major apps, but you can now go granular, concentrating and becoming the best at that one thing that no other app does – many still do not have offline maps and with data roaming charges and the lack of wifi hotspots, it’s a great opportunity to serve a need.

You have different types of users so think about each of their needs. Maybe you want to do the deluxe visit of the city, staying at premium locations, fine dining and getting access to the most exclusive events in town. Or maybe you are on a shoestring budget and need a friendly low cost high impact holiday.

The possibilities are endless and if you check out the data sets, the City SDK project and all the insights, you should be ready to apply with that one great idea that will help turn into reality.

Applications close on the 18th of May, so be sure to apply early.

Good luck and have a great week end.

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