Open Day #1 at Vodafone


Following on from the Kick Off, the 20 teams set off to work on their startups and even though some are at a more advanced stage than others, one thing is for sure, the competition is wide open with every team equipped and psyched to reach the BIG Conf with a winning prototype.

After a few warm up exercises, Inês Cruz da Silva, account manager at Google gave a keynote on “What can Google do for your business? Business intelligence tools and Adwords” followed by a Google hangout with Hector Balasch, Strategic Partner Manager at Google, with the keynote on “Google AdMob and Analytics: monetization models for your app!”. We will be sending out all the great materials to the 20 teams present.

In the afternoon, Inês Santos Silva, cofounder of The Startup Pirates, presented the Business Model Canvas and the Lean Startup Canvas. The rest of the afternoon was left to work and mentoring 1-to-1 with the resident mentors. We will leave you with some of the photos as we gear up to the second open day, which will be held at the Microsoft head office.

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