Ricardo Sousa

Headshot of Ricardo Sousa

Ricardo Sousa is a young entrepreneur passionate about education, entrepreneurship and events. Currently he is the Co-Founder and CEO of ColorElephant, where they are building great products for the world and helping companies along the way. Ricardo is also the founder at the Movement for Change in Education. Throughout his short life he’s been lucky enough to start the SWITCH Conference, working with companies such as Microsoft, BMW, Evernote, Sofitel, Wooga among others. His work and speaking engagements throughout Europe granted him quotes and features on national and international press such as The Economist, France 24 and TV Tokyo to name a few. But the best thing were the people he’s had a chance to meet and the projects he’s been involved in .

Ricardo’s short term goals are to build ColorElephant into a respected brand building products company under their mission to “help businesses”. Their focus is on B2B bringing interesting products to market and helping brands of all sizes succeed.  In the long run, Ricardo wants to be involved in the process of reshaping the current education model, in making brands of all sizes understand the importance of customer service in a way impacts businesses and, finally, finding new and better ways to gather, process, sort and go through information that is relevant to you.