The Importance Of Getting Your Community Involved

Build Community Lisbon BIG AppsAs we move into the development phase, you will have noticed that each finalist now has an App Page that will be updated as we move along the 2 month period towards the final date whereby the 3 winners will be chosen.

One of the key factors in this, apart from actually coding and producing a prototype, is the importance of maintaining a blog, provided in each app page.

Why is it so important?

  1. You can validate the need and your solution before spending money;
  2. Find potential partners;
  3. Populate your team;
  4. Cultivate early customers;
  5. Build your credibility with investors;
  6. Hone your communication skills;
  7. Your Google ranking will go up dramatically.

You can, and should, read the whole article here: 7 Reasons to Start a Blog Before Shipping a Product.

Happy blogging and happy prototyping…

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