The Power of Entertainment – Mobile Style

EntertainmentEntertainment will make us laugh, help us forget our worries, keep our spirits high or simply distract us for a while. Entertainment is everywhere, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that it too has gone mobile. People not only want to learn and to share experiences, but they also want to do so whilst being entertained.

There are just too many entertainment apps to mention, whether in the gaming category or ones that explore city entertainment experiences. There are apps to find places to dine, drink, shop or socialize with different people.

In order to grasp what sort of services presently available, check out these different apps that enable users to explore the city in different ways:

Nearby window shopping

Kaniti app shows trendy products available in nearby shops. It presents information on different types of products, such as clothing, accessories, hi-tech, beauty, among others… and provides directions to the nearest shop.

Share wind and wave conditions

The Weendy app enables users to find the best wind, wave and snow conditions, and share them with friends and people nearby. Users can capture local conditions, add comments and interact with people with the same interests.

track products and promotions online

The hukkster website and app enables users to track products online, and be notified when these items go on sale. This simple tool helps users to track their favorite products, and improve their online shopping experience.

The bottom line is that people value services that make them explore reality in a compelling and entertaining way.

Given that there are dozens of different apps to explore the city… how will your app be truly relevant? Either you create something that will improve the user’s life, or it will just be another dormant app in a couple hundred mobile devices…

So… think about it:

  • What do people want for when searching for entertainment?
  • How can you provide something that will delight your users?
  • How can you make an entertainment service that will be truly awesome?

Register your BIG idea on And please… don’t forget to entertain your users. Less than a week to go until applications close.

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