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Through My Eyes

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You’ve never seen Lisbon this way!

Through My Eyes is a Social Trip Planner that allows you to plan your trips in an easy and fun way, on your own or with others.

We all love to travel right? But how much time we spend planning our trips? It’s a time-consuming task!
Flights, hotels, places of interest, routes, schedules, transportation, budget, reviews, ratings … The information exists, but it is scattered and we lose a lot of time adding everything and planning our dream trips!

What if there was an application that would comprise all this information?
That would be amazing!

With Through My Eyes you can search, drag & drop and share everything!

– Search for itineraries build by others, for spots and events.
– Create your own itineraries organizing your days, defining your routes, how, where and when to go! With schedules and transports information while
managing your budgets.
You decide! Simply by drag & drop!
– Get the best flight and hotels!
– Synchronize your trip with your smartphone and start the adventure. While doing it, you can make reviews, search the best deals nearby, share
photos and the whole experience with your friends

Are you curious? Watch this video!

Through My Eyes: The beginning of what will be an amazing adventure!

       Eight weeks ago, two friends who share the same passion for travel, while discussing how hard it is to plan a trip had an idea. Bernardo and Joana imagined “Through My Eyes” as a complementary service, offering to a niche of tourists a view of the city of Lisbon by the eyes […]

Desafio “Lisbon Through My Eyes”!!!

Desafio “Lisbon Through My Eyes”!!! Mostra-nos Lisboa pelos TEUS olhos e habilita a tua foto a ser a nossa imagem! Utiliza #MyLisbonSpot e @throughmyeyeslx ou partilha-a na nossa página de Facebook!