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Urban Notes

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Post-it’s for the city; by travelers for travelers; where text, images or video can be associated with a monument or restaurant.

A traveler is taking photographs of the monument “Marques de Pombal” and after a while realizes that the best angle is from a certain spot. Why not leave this useful information for other travelers? This app serves as a tool for actual travelers, where notes are geo located in relation to the user so you can look around with the app and see notes associated with monuments, restaurants and other spaces. Notes also get up voted so the best notes remain at the top of the list while less relevant notes get pushed down.


You can now vote for our app at /bigapp/urban-notes/

Microsoft Open Day

Microsoft Open Day is fast approaching and as usual our development team will be attending.  We look forward to another exciting day with an energized environment where we can evolve our start up!

Vodafone Open Day, Recap on a great day

Vodafone Open Day happened last Friday and we had a great time! The lecturers provided insightful knowledge and the event went very smoothly. It was great hearing all the teams present their ideas and we also received useful feedback regarding Urban Notes.

Vodafone Day, Urban Notes is going!

The development team will be attending Vodafone open day. We are sure it’s going to be a useful and interesting day !