Wake Up! Only 3 1/2 Days to Go


You know what’s going to happen, right? Registration ends on sunday. No problem. Work during the week end, worst case scenario got the whole of Sunday to do this. What could possibly go wrong? Well this has happened to other people in the same type of situation:

  1. Fell out of bed and broke your nose – sight because hazy, nausea sets in, everything is blurred
  2. Your brother in law got kidnapped by a drug cartel whilst holidaying in Mexico
  3. Whilst changing the time last sunday, you actually changed the day, worst, you seemed to have gained a day, and lost an opportunity
  4. Your sister took your laptop to her boyfriend’s to finnish group work – now which boyfriend is it now?
  5. A potential investor invites you to play golf on sunday, even though this relates to an app you developed when you were 10 and the man is from Nairobi, you just can’t miss this opportunity – was he really behind dripbox?
  6. Your ever so understanding loved one is going to have a moment of TLC that will last all Sunday… you remember something about priorities and needing to choose
  7. So you managed to get through the day and finally are at your laptop to fill in the registration – damn, the site’s gone down, the whole world decided to register at the same time – contact… Lisbon BIG apps team is celebrating the forst leg of the competition – in Jamaica (note to Vodafone: we didn’t use the money you sent us, well , not directly)

Ok so this got out of hand, a little, but I guess we all do the same thing – leave it to the last moment. This is an in-your-face, polite reminder that registration will close on the 7th of April at 23.59, and no, we don’t accept fotos of you, the site and a digital clock synched to NASA with a millisecond delay to compensate for distance between satellites.

Tell you what – you register, and Ill cut with the crap. Deal?

As always, you can find us at facebook.com/LisbonBig and Twitter.com/LisbonBIG. Why haven’t you liked us yet? Did we do something wrong?

I’m sure to get fired for this post…

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