Winners Announced on Monday 15th at 15:00


Just a quick note to let you know that, as we were overwhelmed by the number of applications, we felt it necessary to add an extra day to the judging phase, so the winners will be announced on Monday 15th April at 15:00.

Stay tuned to your email as the winners should, if everything goes to plan, receive an email letting them know that they are through to development.

Have a great week end and as I know that some of you are having anxiety attacks in the run up to the announcement, I’ve done some serious research around this subject and found the 10 Ways to Fight Anxiety.

10 Ways to Stop Anxiety Quickly

1. Control Your Breathing

in other words – don’t stop breathing. Start with the obvious.

2. Talk to Someone Friendly

I know you have my mobile number but please…

3. Try Some Aerobic Activity

During periods of anxiety your body is filled with adrenaline. So relax.

4. Find What Relaxes You

Sound advice – don’t run away from things that you like and relax you.

5. Consider Kava


6. Learn How to Trick Your Anxious Thinking

Umm ok – learn to trick yourself – that’s scary.

7. Listen to Good Mood Music


8. Let it All Out

Not recommended in public.

9. Make Love

“When I get that feeling, I want… sexual healing.”

Seriously, it’s part of the list.

10. Living in Today

only had 9 so they added this bit of fluff in to make it 10.

If you are still anxious, take the CalmClinic Anxiety Test Online.*

* So I don’t get in trouble again, please be aware that neither I nor Lisbon BIG Apps, nor the Jury, committee, organization, partners, sponsors, co-sponsors, cleaning staff and anyone else remotely involved in this, endorse or recommend the CalmClinic. In fact, I’d never heard about it until Google showed me this in response to the query  “Lisbon B** ASS Apps applicants with anxiety attacks” – the name is cool though…

As always, you can find us at and

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